what we do

"Bring your clients ideas to life"
"Let us deliver for you"

We can support you to deliver the ultimate bespoke offering, readily unavailble eslewhere.  

We offer interior advice, inspiration, share knowledge gained and communicate to you the current market trends.

We ensure you select the most suitable fabric for your project, textures, patterns and durability are all taken into consideration.

Visually we can offer you samples of pelmets, footstools and headboards allowing you and your customer to see the quality of the products.  

Our in house operation means with can also assist with measuring and fitting if required in addition to supplying supplementary products such as blind tracks, tie backs and poles to give an overall co-hesive look.

With turn around time typically three weeks from receipt of fabric, we can ensure you can adhere and meet your clients deadlines and exceed their expectations every time, promoting repeat business for you and us.