Handmade Footstools and Ottomans

Our footstools can be made to a variety of sizes, styles and designs, from plain top fabric footstools, to deep buttoned ottomans.  Bespoke handmade footstools and ottomans not only offer a touch of luxury to your room but also offer a practical storage solution in a style that complements your room. 

Struggle to find a footstool in the shape or style you want, why not get one made?

Our footstools are made to order using high quality frames and in most cases 2" thick foam covered in Dacron to give a firm but soft feel.  Individually made in our workshops, using upholstery techniques, we can create your desired finish from a shallow button, deep button or a simple plain top.   We stock a large selection of feet style to complete your footstool and can also offer additional finishes such as studs or piping to give you a unique, high end, bespoke look.

Please contact us for a our footstool brochure or contact us for more details.